Obama unmasked is nothing but a theater prop – a grinning mannequin stuffed with hate. Obama says vote for revenge. (Re: “Obama: ‘Voting is the best revenge'”) Revenge? Americans have laid out the red carpet for this spoiled brat, practically from Day 1. Indeed, America has accorded Obama deference, opportunities and special comforts, and now he advocates revenge? An unpatriotic and ungrateful narcissist is the descriptor that comes to mind.

After the past four or five years, who can say Obama is not a great divider, nor intent upon pitting Americans against each, nor uncomfortable with mass civil violence? What’s his goal? Bluntly, it is the take down of America. That’s the real reason why this red communist was not publicly vetted by his ultra-left party leaders and the sycophantic leftist mainstream media.

Look around you. America is imploding in every which way under the Obama curse. Another four years of Obama, and America is through. Therefore, how could any thinking citizen – who puts value on life, liberty and property – want four years more of the nightmare of Obama and his cutthroat administration?


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