For myself, the choice between Romney and Obama in this election is a matter of trust and safety.

I do not trust Obama. He’s a closed book with secretive ways, tells lies and stirs up trouble and pessimism among people. The evil “Obamastare” in the last debate showed me, more than words, what’s inside Obama, and I do not feel safe with that man as president.

I do trust Romney and would feel much safer if Romney were president. He’s an open book, and I can see that he is a decent, generous and kind man. I feel that Romney can heal our torn country for the good of all. Romney is a “people person” and very smart, not just in a business way. We need a good and decent man like that to bring people together in order to bring optimism back to America and to fix the economy. I hope everybody will vote for Romney!

Ginnie Owen

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