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Romney's votes were stolen

Please do not treat this recent election as though it represents a true and unadulterated count of the votes. The reports are steadily coming in about areas throughout the country where blatant violations were occurring and reported to persons who were said to be in authority, but said persons did nothing (i.e., they ignored the breaking of the law).

From those who are considered experts on elections and voting data, it appears that many indicators of voter fraud have been observed and other indicators reveal that there are serious reasons to believe perhaps millions of Romney ballots were “lost.” The overall vote count was much lower than the large numbers of people voting would indicate and way lower for Romney than the polling indicated before the election.

I don’t say that anything can be done about it now, but I surely do believe we must not take the official count as true and accurate. For months before the election, no one was talking about the organizing of workers who were setting about to ensure Obama’s re-election. Not conservative
talk-show hosts, not newspaper reporters, no one. (Most of my info was gleaned from excellent sources with good track records for accuracy, via email.)

I did some contacting by email of radio hosts, believing that warning the general public to be very alert as they voted would be an excellent idea, yet I never heard a word about this on any program except Glenn Beck’s.

What I did hear on the day of the election were reports from various areas of voting machines that were registering the vote of that person as going for Obama, when voters had selected Romney. Radio news indicated throughout the day that this same “glitch” was occurring repeatedly.

In short, don’t scold the good guys. Don’t change the principles. Just get the word out that Mr. Romney put up a heck of a fight, gave his all, but in the end he was robbed of at least some of his votes.

In my opinion, we haven’t had an honest election in many years, and it’s grown steadily worse with each one. We can expect more of the same, if we indeed manage to have another election for president.

May God soon show his own disgust for what is happening in our country.

Yours for truth and integrity,

M.H. MacDonald