Rush Limbaugh

Bestselling author Mark Steyn sat in for Limbaugh during the Thanksgiving holidays and explained that under Obama’s grand plan to tax the rich, a.k.a., the “Buffet Rule,” it would still take 514 years to pay off the 2011 deficit (FREE audio).

Does the GOP finally have to give in and accept open borders? Rush says conservatives have to face reality: “The answer is yes” – if Republicans ever want to win the White House again.

“You are in denial if you want to sit there – we talked ourselves into a myth, and that myth was that arriving immigrants were naturally conservative. They’re not. They believe that the government is the great creator of wealth, provider of wealth and guarantees the fairness of it all,” Limbaugh said. “I go so far as to say if you really want to win the Latino vote, come out for no border” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Beginning on Monday, “The Savage Nation” will be heard on the most powerful radio station in New York City – and broadcast in the Washington, D.C., market for the first time.

This means that since joining Cumulus, Savage can now be heard on over 160 stations across America.

“This is a big milestone for me,” Savage told listeners, adding that “the Big Apple” is his “spiritual home,” while the nation’s capital is obviously the center of power.

“Everyone thought I was finished in this business,” added Savage. “Now I’m back and bigger than ever.”

Talking about his latest bestseller, “Train Tracks,” Dr. Savage explained that he set out to celebrate the “ordinary” person in this nostalgic memoir.

“It’s about men and women in my childhood who looked ordinary from the outside, but who were not,” he explained. “If you passed these people on the street in New York in the ’50s, you wouldn’t have looked twice. They were ordinary men and women, but their lives struck me as interesting.”

Sean Hannity

Controversial Republican Party insider Grover Norquist joined Hannity to talk about the so-called fiscal cliff and Obama’s proposed tax on the rich.

As the president of Americans for Tax Reform, Norquist is calling on conservative lawmakers to keep their pledge not to raise taxes. Hannity and his other guest, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., wondered why so few Republicans were calling for spending cuts (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

As a resident of Tel Aviv, Klein is in an ideal position to reflect on the recent war with Gaza. Did Hamas win, were Obama and Hillary instrumental in this victory and if so, how will all that impact Israel’s future? Klein’s exclusive interview with the Hamas chief in Gaza sheds even more light on this topic.

Switching gears, Klein talks about the man who might replace Eric Holder as Attorney General – and why Americans should be concerned (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

“We need to go off the fiscal cliff,” Levin declared this week.

As far as he’s concerned, the alternative will be worse (FREE audio).

Leftists often ask how the Founding Fathers could declare “all men are created equal” while some of them owned slaves. Constitutional expert Levin answers this question with a thorough history lesson (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Listeners were shocked to learn that Laura Ingraham has put her radio show on hold.

On her website, Ingraham told her fans that “after more than nine years with the distributor Talk Radio Network, I decided it was time to move on. … During this brief hiatus, my team and I will continue to deliver thought-provoking and entertaining analysis via my website.”

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is in hot water – or something like it – once again.

The one-time “morning zoo” radio host mischievously dunked an Obama bobblehead doll into a jar of “urine” (it is actually beer) and tried to sell it on eBay as a work of art.

It was an obvious spoof of the notorious “Piss Christ” photograph that conservatives still talk about with great umbrage. Weirdly, many outraged liberal commentators claimed not to understand Beck’s satirical intentions.

Glenn Beck’s book “Broke” got a plug in an unexpected forum this week: the Rush Limbaugh show (FREE audio).

“This might be a little bad,” the caller explained, realizing it was bad form to praise one radio host on another’s program, but “it actually has to do with a book I read by Glenn Beck.”

“I should have listened to my dad a long time ago,” he added.

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