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Shocking Focus

Dear Joseph,

I could not agree more with your analysis on “Why Christians are losing the culture.”

Not only are few evangelizing, but historic Christian institutions like Focus on the Family have lost their vision. Your report on Jim Daly’s interview with the Los Angeles Times, which I had not seen, is downright discouraging and shocking. To say that the Christian right lost the fight in the four states that adopted same-sex marriage because it is on the losing side of a culture paradigm is horrifying. Daly appears to have abandoned the Christian faith in traditional marriage altogether. In fact, same-sex marriage won by very narrow margins – 1 or 2 percent – mainly because gays outspent Christians 6-to-1 in some states, according to Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage. Prop 8, putting one man, one-woman marriage into the California Constitution, won because the spending was almost equal, he says.

Frankly, I was also saddened to see that supposedly conservative columnists like George Will, Kathleen Parker and Charles Krauthammer have gone wimpy or supportive of gay marriage.