Social media is a remarkable thing. It can connect you to people from decades past. It can keep you talking to your family and friends in an age that has seen the extinction of the hand-written letter. It can allow you to share your opinions on politics, religion, current events and popular culture. It can give you an outlet to vent your emotions. It can provide a forum for support and encouragement.

It can also tell you who the Jew-haters are.

It is astonishing to any rational person – or it should be – that any functioning adult would waste time hating Jews in general. We pay lip service to the notion that anti-Semitism is unacceptable; we decry the Holocaust; we acknowledge the suffering of the Jewish people historically. Where Israel is concerned, however, a pervasive and unctuous attitude of disdain, of contempt, of open hatred and vilification, festers in every corner of Western society. It can crop up where you least expect it. It can make itself known when and with whom you are most comfortable. It will slap you in the face with its naked Jew-hate at the most inopportune time and in the most mixed of company.

Simply put, people who follow you on Twitter, people who are on your Facebook friends list, people affirming your links on Google Plus, Pinterest, and Reddit, hate Jews and want them to die. If this sounds like an exaggeration, you’re not thinking it through. Anyone claiming that Israel is the villain in the ongoing conflict with its enemies is either willfully ignorant or openly anti-Semitic.

This is obvious in the way news of Israel’s conflicts is reported in our media. Hamas and whatever other affiliated terrorist groups, loosely defined (erroneously) as “Palestinian,” lob explosives at Israel for weeks dragging into months and this is never news in the West. The moment Israel takes military action to end the attacks, our news reports, “Israel attacked Gaza today …” or something similarly dishonest. We are treated to fraudulent photos of the supposed victims of Israeli “aggression,” photos whose lies are only rarely and quietly corrected. We are told that big, bad, mean Israel is using its superior power to bully its neighbors, always forgetting that these “neighbors,” these “oppressed” victims, are terrorists who repeatedly target civilians and who use innocent people and journalists as human shields.

Worse, the attitude projected by many (who would never admit to hating Jews) is that Israel should exercise “restraint” in reacting to repeated acts of terrorism and military aggression. This is because, why, it’s Israel, and it’s so much mightier than those attempting to murder its citizens. Spoken honestly, Israel’s critics tell us it should ignore repeated attempts to murder Jewish civilians because the murderers just aren’t very good at what they do. Their rockets aren’t terribly accurate, so Hamas shouldn’t be held responsible for firing them.

To respond with overwhelming force isn’t “fair,” say Israel’s critics. Innocent people will die, say those critics – forgetting, of course, that the innocents who are killed are placed in harm’s way by Hamas, which uses those innocents to fight its propaganda war against Israel. This all occurs against the backdrop of children dressed up as suicide bombers and trained from infancy to hate Jews. This happens while the United States government funds “Palestinian” textbooks teaching those children that Israelis are pigs and snakes.

And what of the United States government? It’s no coincidence that Israel took its latest military steps against Hamas shortly after Obama won re-election (amidst widespread allegations of outrageous voter fraud). Obama has repeatedly insulted, slighted and otherwise spit on Israel, making it clear that the his administration does not support the only free democracy in the Middle East. Obama’s affronts to Israel range from petty (making Prime Minister Netanyahu wait for more than hour while Obama had dinner with his family) to the immoral (comparing the Jewish Holocaust to the “occupation” of “Palestine”) to the destructive (establishing diplomatic relations with Syria, a nation that backs terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah).

A recent poll by CNN shows that – surprise – Democrats don’t support Israel. Less than half of the Democrats polled said that Israel was justified in taking military action. You read that correctly: Less than half of Democrats support Israel’s right to self-defense. Since January, 1,600 rockets and 400 mortar shells have hit civilian Israeli targets. Is it any wonder Israel felt the need to send a military message after Obama secured four more years in power?

Israel’s enemies are irrational death cultists who will never accept Israel’s right to exist. They live and breathe hate and murder. They soak their children in this bloodthirsty worldview. The evidence of these facts is the repeated terrorist attacks against Israel, which target civilians indiscriminately. Israel, historically and now, has shown almost inhuman patience when it comes to responding to acts of military violence against its people and its borders. Given this, can any rational person believe that Israelis wake up each day and say to themselves, “Today I will needlessly oppress ‘Palestinians’ because I hate simply living my life in peace” …?

If aggression against Israel stopped today, the Israelis would happily go about their business and continue living productive lives. If, on the other hand, the Israelis laid down their arms and announced that, henceforth, they would take no military action against those who hate them, Israel’s cities would be burning within a week. If you can’t see the self-evident truth of either assertion, you are a fool. If you welcome the destruction of Israel at the hands of its enemies, you are a monster.

Remember this the next time you post on social media. Criticism of your support for Israel will come disguised as “concern” for Israel’s “bullying” of its neighbors. That feigned concern will never be extended to the Israelis killed by random rocket and mortar attacks. It will never encompass Israel’s right to exist.

It will always comprise your friends’ hatred of Jews.

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