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Still not proud of being a Republican

Polarization need not always be bad. I’ve long wanted to see the decent whites, blacks and Hispanics polarized against the indecent whites, blacks and Hispanics.

A group of American fliers was staggered when it was ordered to flee the Philippines in 1941 as the Japanese were turning the western Pacific into a Japanese lake, and escape with their cargo plane to Australia. They stopped to refuel in Java, then the Dutch East Indies and now the independent nation of Indonesia. Everybody knew there was no way to stop the Japanese at that time, so the Americans offered to carry as many of the Dutch as could fit in their plane for the flight to safety. They were staggered when the Dutch said, “No, thanks. This is our territory and we’re going to stay and fight for it, no matter how hopeless.” Those Dutch spent the war in Japanese concentration camps, as they knew they would.

Let’s see if Republicans have what it takes to be “Dutch.” As a registered Republican who hasn’t felt the pride for quite a few elections now, I’m all for attracting more Hispanic voters. I simply refuse to approve that being done by surrender, amnesty, erasing the border or abandoning the concept of America that was handed down to us by more courageous Americans.

Let’s first send a nuclear-tipped warhead into the absurd and paralyzing notion that we’re somehow cruel, even racist, by passing immigration laws and enforcing them. Cruelty, indeed, abounds. Bringing slaves in chains from their homelands to another country is cruel. Expelling people because of their race, religion of whatever from their own country is cruel. Refusing to permit certain types of people to attain citizenship is cruel. Forcing people to live only in a certain part of their own country is cruel. But, sorry; it is NOT cruel to pass and enforce reasonable immigration laws. If you disagree, and obviously America does, tell me the name of such cruelty? Perhaps something like “allowing people to remain in their countries of origin until they comply with American law”? In the World’s Catalogue of Cruelties that has all the power of a butterfly’s belch.

Your home is one of your achievements. I, obviously, don’t have the right to see a nice house, walk in and decide I’d like to stay. 
A country is, likewise, the achievement of its population. Did your ancestors forge and did you maintain a clean, democratic, rule-of-law, prosperous, pleasant and educated country? Bravo! Remind me, by what right do citizens of other countries suppose they may break and enter and, instead of punishment, get a raft of “entitlements” to which they’re clearly not entitled and which could only be dreamed of in the land they and their countrymen have “achieved”? Instead of “free” immigration and foreign aid, America should establish a Department of International Achievement. Give us a call and we’ll send a team of Americans at our expense to give you advice on how to achieve like the countries whose borders you seek to cross illegally. It will be the very advice that worked so well for America, expertly tailored to your country and free of charge. Take it or leave it.

I was a little too young in Sunday school to understand that “Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage.” I didn’t know what a birthright was, but I was getting hungry about that time and “pottage” sounded something like our fabulous southern Brunswick Stew. I thought Esau had made a good deal. A little older now, I’m scandalized that a political party would sell its birthright for Hispanic votes.

A country that cannot control its borders does not deserve the respect of those who cross those borders illegally.

Highly decorated New York policeman Ralph Salerno was hailed as the man who knew more about the Mafia than anybody else who hadn’t been sworn into it. His work sent many Italian-Americans to jail. At a murder trial the brother of a defendant reproached him for “hurting his own kind.” I loved Ralph’s answer. From his New York Times obituary: “I’m not your kind, and you’re not my kind. My manners, morals and mores are not yours. The only thing we have in common is that we both spring from an Italian heritage and culture – and you are a traitor to that culture which I am proud to be proud of.”

Ralph Salerno would never have voted for you because your attorney general was soft on organized crime. I promise you I, as a Jew, would never vote for you because you were soft on income tax cheats. I pity and revere the Hispanics among us who came here legally and achieved grandly. How dare any laws-for-votes panderer try to win their votes by being soft on immigration criminals.

The last word belongs to the late entertainer and congressman Sonny Bono. When asked his position on illegal aliens, Bono said, “Gee! Illegal aliens are against the law!”