[Joseph Farah:] I’m a lobbyist here in D.C. I read most of your articles and agree with most of them. However, regarding the debt ceiling or debt-limit extension, please, PLEASE, for the sake of sanity, explain to your readers exactly what the debt limit is rather than just bash Boehner and other Republicans.

I believe that it is extremely unfair to the speaker to dismiss his actions as “caving.” I don’t like it any more then the next guy – but that is not where the problem is centered. It’s like you writing checks and then refusing to put the money in the bank account. It’s that simple.

To get to the root of the problem, you have to reduce spending. The fact is, the debt ceiling HAS to be increased. The best anyone can do is to attach mandatory spending cuts to the extension. Risking a financial catastrophe is not in any American’s interest.

Look at the House Republican majority record and realize what they have done with regards to spending cuts. There really is no better person right now at “herding cats” than John Boehner. He has done a remarkable job pushing for spending cuts, tax cuts and job incentive legislation. The problem is most of these measures never get through the Senate – let alone the White House.

So please, let’s be honest here and stop knocking the speaker.

Glenn LeMunyon

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