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Student gets 12 years for making lethal drugs

(GRAND FORKS HERALD) — A federal judge Monday sentenced Wesley Sweeney, 18, to 12½ years in prison for his confessed role in providing synthetic hallucinogens that led to the death of Christian Bjerk, also 18, and the hospitalization of a 15-year-old boy in Grand Forks in June.

One of 11 charged in a Grand Forks synthetic drug conspiracy, Sweeney is the first to be sentenced for causing death and bodily injury.

Sweeney admitted buying two hallucinogens on June 10 from Adam Budge, now 19, in East Grand Forks and then providing the drugs to Bjerk and C.J., the 15-year-old, in an apartment in northwest Grand Forks. Bjerk drove him to Budge’s home to buy the drugs and later to a party in Grand Forks, Sweeney said.