(American Spectator) — Last Tuesday evening I went to bed in denial, thinking that there must be some mistake. I declined to believe that a majority of the voters were stupid enough to re-elect a President whose incompetence makes Jimmy Carter seem Washingtonian by comparison, whose mendacity far surpasses that of a pathological liar like Bill Clinton, and whose administration is so corrupt that it actually evokes nostalgia for the Nixon era. I was sure that, when all the actual votes had been counted, they would reveal that the voters of Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado had been sensible enough to send this cheap grifter back to Chicago.

On Wednesday, forced to face the grim reality of the election results, I became angry. My seething thoughts turned first to the “news” media, whose behavior during this election cycle would have brought a blush to the cheek of the most cynical Pravda propaganda merchant. Then I thought of domesticated conservatives like Ann Coulter, who wrote that the media were pushing alternatives to Romney “because they are terrified of running against him.” In reality, the delusions of Coulter and the GOP establishment notwithstanding, Romney was the man the media and the White House desperately wanted to run against.

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