I just wanted to write to you about the election and what it means.

First off, it’s common knowledge to anyone who doesn’t watch the TV news stations that President Obama is going to lose. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the prominent one is his own failings. He promised so much and delivered so little. He brought change to Washington, but not the change we needed. He brought Chicago politics in full force and the country reacted to that.

Secondly, it spells the destruction of TV news media. They have invested so much into Barack Obama and his re-election. Even after the debate performance nobody came out to say, “He might lose.” Instead, they say Mitt Romney came out strong. Even now several polls have shifted from giving Obama a clear advantage to making it a dead even tie. However, we know for a fact that this isn’t true.

The televised news media won’t be able to recover from this. They have invested so much and will watch their viewing rate decline after the election. Even Fox News will be hit. Some stations will still be alive and kicking, probably on the government’s tab, but those same stations are going to have to look at a drastically different business model.

This is happening, and only days away.

Kyle Guy

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