This past election was a triumph of emotion over good sense. Those who voted for the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue did so because they wanted to continue living at the expense of other Americans. What part of “we are broke” do they not understand? Here in California ( state of denial), the fools actually voted to tax themselves even more; as if already being one of the highest-taxed states in the country was not enough! Costa Rica is looking better all the time!

Sure glad the Communists are “happy.” We all know how well the people live and how free they are in countries where Communism controls them. North Korea comes to mind. Of course, the Communists would prefer the big O. His use of “fundamentally transform” is right out of their Manifesto.

We have been flying our United States flag at half mast since the election. It will continue to be displayed that way until 2016.

As Jesus famously said: “Father, they know not what they have done.” Or, as Ayn Rand wrote: What happens when Atlas shrugs?

WND keeps me sane – thank you.

T.J. Goforth

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