By Gregg Jackson

Now that Mitt Romney lost to one of the most unpopular presidents in U.S. history, the question many are asking is: why?

Political pundits on the left and right are claiming that Romney appealed too much to the “extreme right fringe” and was not “moderate enough.”

The truth is that the exact opposite is true.

Prior to the ’08 election, I wrote an article entitled, “RINO=GOP RIP” and warned the GOP not to nominate a liberal establishment candidate like “Rudy McRomney” for the simple reason that it is virtually impossible to win a national presidential election without your base on Election Day, as 1976, 1992 and 1996 all demonstrated. Unfortunately, the GOP elites thought the pro-family/pro-life Christian base would hold their proverbial noses and vote for their candidate who was essentially a liberal Democrat – John McCain – regardless.

They were wrong.

Obama won in a historical landslide in 2008.

Fast forward to 2012 and many of us warned that if the GOP once again nominated an establishment-approved liberal like Romney, it would virtually assure four more years of the Neo-Marxist radical community organizer in the White House since, again, it’s virtually impossible to win without your base on Election Day.

But once again, the liberal elites who essentially run the GOP (Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, the Bushies, the folks over at Fox News, the Weekly Standard and National Review) rammed yet another establishment liberal RINO down our throats, a candidate who was, in spite of Obama’s relatively weak standing, from the very beginning, destined for defeat, Willard Mitt Romney.

Obama’s base turned out Tuesday.

Romney’s didn’t.

And why should they have?

After all, in just the past few months, Romney did virtually everything possible to snub the very same evangelical conservative GOP “Values Voters” base (whose support he would need in every one of the key swing states he lost) by:

  • Refusing to sign the Susan B. Anthony and Personhood U.S.A pro-life pledges.
  • Reaffirming his opposition to bans on homosexual scoutmasters.
  • Opposing 100 percent pro-life, pro-family, across-the-board conservative Senate candidate Todd Akin.
  • Running pro-abortion ads in key pro-life swing states.
  • Stating that “abortion legislation” and Chick Fill-A was not “part of his agenda.” (Marriage, life and small business not “part of your agenda?”)

Rick Santorum was right when he said that Romney was the “worst Republican in the country to run against Obama.”

Having lost his own Senate re-election bid by 18 points in 2006 by snubbing his own base (by supporting uber-liberal Arlen Specter over conservative primary challenger Pat Toomey), Santorum was all too familiar with what happens when your base stays home on Election Day.

The GOP elites should have listened to sweater-vest Santorum.

So, how do we stop perpetually repeating this mistake every four years, you ask?


Christian and conservative leaders and grass-roots citizens must make it clear that we will, under no circumstances, compromise our core moral and spiritual beliefs by supporting godless liberals like Romney for public office no matter how many time the liberal GOP inside-the-beltway elites tell us our 100 percent pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-rule of law, constitutional, conservative, Christian candidate isn’t “electable.”

When we set the standard based on God’s authoritative Word and tell those running to represent us, that if they don’t meet that standard they will not get our support, I believe we will get candidates who truly represent us.

I’m talking about candidates who believe that our rights come from God and who actually understand that the primary purpose of civil government is to protect and defend those God-given (unalienable) rights (chiefly the right to life without which all other rights are meaningless) and that every elected official at every branch and level of government possesses the same sworn obligation to enforce the imperative requirements of the Supreme Law of the Land.

There were obviously millions of Christians and conservatives who don’t subscribe to the utilitarian-secular-humanist and anti-biblical “lesser of two evils” construct who refused to cast a vote for the most radically pro-abortion, pro-homosexual governor in the history of the republic, regardless of who his opponent was.

If the GOP is serious about reversing course in the next election, it may want to run candidates the base will actually turn out for on Election Day.

Because, as Romney proved on Tuesday, you don’t win without your base on Election Day.

Gregg Jackson is the national best-selling author of “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies,” former radio host on WRKO in Boston and KDAR in Los Angeles, an accomplished speaker who speaks to groups on college campuses nationwide, and writer whose articles have been published in the Wall St. Journal, Washington Times, Human Events and His new book that he co-authored with nationally syndicated radio host Steve Deace is called, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again.”

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