Finally! Somebody talks about this [“Did Obama really win?”]. I was getting sick of the commentary out there that was trying to explain away how Romney and the GOP lost.

Did they make mistakes? Sure! Kicking the tea party and Ron Paul in the face at the Convention were big mistakes. I also think the GOP was guilty of massive voter fraud during the early primary elections, which robbed Ron Paul of some early momentum. How about the massive landslide victory in 2010 yielding the passage of the NDAA and the addition of $2 trillion to the national debt. There were plenty of valid reasons for the conservative voters to stay home. I didn’t vote for president because there were no pro-life candidates running for president. Yet, even with all of these reasons that would keep conservative voters home, the majority of them didn’t stay home. The comments being reported by Citizen Voters were as follows:

  • Romney signs were everywhere. Very few if any Obama signs could be found. Even in California.
  • Voting lines at 7 a.m. were longer than ever witnessed before. Everyone was talking about Romney.
  • The early voters did not turn out for Obama.
  • Entertainers like Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen performed at Obama rallies to half empty venues (or worse). Romney and Ryan rallies were filled to capacity and then some.

Romney won this thing in a landslide if only legitimate votes are counted. Maybe he even wins California. I can live with the outcome because I think the majority of voters know this was a rigged election. As long as a majority knows, freedom still has a chance. The real scary thing is how our GOP representatives and many conservative commentators are talking. Now is not the time to reach across the aisle. The GOP-led House needs to replace John Boehner in favor of a conservative speaker, and then work to shut down the government. They should be bold with their statements by declaring the election as fraudulent, and refuse to work with the Democrats for the next four years. Let the Bush tax cuts expire (a consequence of refusing to work with Democrats) and the economy go to crap so that folks really feel it.

Those in the House who claim to be affiliated with the tea party need to stand their ground. If Boehner remains speaker, and manages to gather enough GOP votes to raise the debt ceiling, or even cooperate with the Democrats in any way – just quit the GOP. We may just need to build a new party, and have strict rules on who can join. No moderates.

Ray Makuch

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