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This day in WND History: Nov. 27

Paul Harvey healed for ‘rest of the story’

Nov. 27, 2001: Radio legend Paul Harvey, who had been completely voiceless for three months, credited God with healing him in order to broadcast an important message regarding the war on terror.

“Inescapably, I was haunted by the possibility that I might not broadcast again,” Harvey said of his mysterious ailment.

He explained how an epiphany taught him a new way to pray.

“You remember Jesus had prescribed for his disciples a perfect prayer, the essence of which is ‘Thy will be done.’ My prayers so often had been a shopping list of things I wanted to be done, and I began to pray for what He wanted.

“And doors began to open. I was led to a voice specialist. An outpatient procedure reinforced a weakened muscle alongside a vocal cord and within minutes, the voice which had been mostly mute for weeks came back to life.”

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