‘God hit me’ through WND report

Nov. 7, 2006: A second worker upset over Walmart’s newly contrived “gay” agenda quit the retail chain to take a stand for Christianity, and cited a report from WND about another woman who also decided she’d had enough.

Karin Laginess, of Auberndale, Florida, told WND it was as if “God hit me” when she saw the earlier WND report about Janet Baird.

Baird, of Ohio, heard the shocking new plans that WND had reported directly from the mega-corporation’s international headquarters: that the company is, in fact, contributing to the financial and moral agenda of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

“It broke my heart to see them choose to side themselves with what I call such an immoral organization. I just sat and cried,” said Laginess.

Jack Abramoff book turns D.C. upside down

Nov. 7, 2011: Jack Abramoff’s autobiographical bombshell, “Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist,” wasn’t even at the bookstores yet, but it caused a firestorm on Capitol Hill and among Washington’s powerful lobbying community.

Most Washington power players thought Abramoff was gone and buried in a federal prison, and didn’t even realize he was released – let alone that he was penning what is clearly the most devastating attack on special interest power in decades. Days before its Nov. 7 official release, scores of lobbying shops  scoured the town to obtain one of the few copies in circulation to prepare their spin and damage control.

From the reaction on Capitol Hill, Abramoff was the new public enemy No. 1. He not only outed powerful senators and congressmen, and revealed previously unknown inside information, but he set forth a reform plan which would rock the fraternal inside-the-Beltway culture.

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