It was almost laughable on Election Night when the analysts began explaining why Mitt Romney lost.

  • It was because of his extreme position on border security.
  • It was because Republicans picked candidates that were too extreme.
  • It was because Republicans denied manmade, catastrophic “climate change” was real.

And this was on what many Americans believe to be the “fair and balanced” network, Fox. Some even believe it to be a “conservative” alternative to the rest of the statist media jackals.

I thought the cacophony would die down by now, but it hasn’t.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have an extremist bone in his body. He is the personification of liberal Republicanism. He’s from what we used to call the “Rockefeller wing” of the party. He’s a country clubber. He’s 100 percent establishment – and that’s who anointed him as the nominee.

Here’s the reality: Republicans lost in 2008 and 2012 because they nominated liberal candidates at the top of the ticket. John McCain and Mitt Romney are not “moderates.” They are liberals. And neither one of them attacked their opponent where it would really hurt – character, values, experience, commitment to the Constitution, unseemly and unpresidential associations, secrecy about his past and, yes, eligibility.

Let me tell you something: Todd Akin did not lose the 2012 election for Republicans. The Republican establishment lost it by squandering the money well-meaning conservative donors handed them in record amounts. I’d like to point out that Akin ran closer to his opponent, without Karl Rove’s war chest, than some of the Senate candidates he backed with massive amounts of money.

Take a look at how poorly Connie Mack did in Florida. It wasn’t even a race. Connie Mack had money. Connie Mack had name recognition second only to Abner Doubleday. He even had good looks. What he didn’t have was fire in the belly.

Speaking of name recognition and money, how about George Allen in Virginia? Is he an extremist? He ran like a liberal – criticizing his Democratic opponent for cutting public education funds in Virginia. I don’t know if the charge was true or not. But when I heard it, I wanted to vote for Tim Kaine. But I knew better. Tim Kaine, meanwhile, the former Democratic National Committee chairman under Barack Obama, never even mentioned he was a Democrat in his campaign commercials. He never mentioned Obama. He ran like a make-believe conservative, a tax-cutter, a budget-cutter.

This is why election night was such a debacle for Republicans.

The fact that 2 million fewer people voted for Mitt Romney than for John McCain should be a huge wake-up call to the Republican establishment. If they choose to nominate another milquetoast candidate in 2016, they might as well not even compete. If they want to alienate their evangelical and conservative base, there is going to need to be a third party that represents them. (Now’s the time to start building it, by the way, not in 2016.)

Why do Republicans listen to the media that hate them so?

I don’t get it.

They should be listening to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, not the media champions of big government and political correctness. And certainly not to Karl Rove, who should no longer be dubbed “The Architect.” He should be called “The Accountant.”

Have America’s demographics changed? You bet they have. The culture vultures have done a number on Americans. They are now unarguably less opposed to crazy ideas like same-sex marriage and the notion that contraceptive devices should be forcibly subsidized by taxpayers and insurance providers.

That’s a problem and will continue to be. But the answer to that is fighting back in the culture 365 days a year every year leading up to elections. That’s not the job of politicians. That’s the job of entrepreneurs. That’s the job of conservative foundations. That’s the job of wealthy Republicans who need to put their money where their mouths are and begin creating new cultural institutions and redeeming the old ones.

Politicians don’t lead. They follow. And, tragically, too many Republicans are following the culture instead of the eternal values that made America the greatest experiment in liberty and prosperity the world has ever known.

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