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U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv attacked

TEL AVIV – An assailant armed with a knife and an ax stabbed a security guard at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv as the city remained on heightened alert over the Gaza conflict.

One eyewitness told reporters the man emerged from a red Mazda car and ran toward the embassy guards at the periphery of the seaside structure.

According to an initial report, security guards fired a warning shot at the suspect, described as a 41-year-old Israeli man, but did not harm him.

Several guards wrestled the man to the ground while embassy backup security arrived at the scene.

One security guard sustained light stab wounds to his leg.

It was not immediately clear whether the suspect was an Israeli Jew or Arab.

Police spokesman Miki Rosenfeld said the man is being held at the scene and that political motivations are not suspected.

The U.S. Embassy released a statement saying there was an incident but that “the situation is under control.”

The attack took place just hours before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was due to land in Tel Aviv for a visit to the region to discuss the Gaza conflict.