Vogue contributing editor Andre Leon Talley

Using poor grammar and spelling, an editor of Vogue magazine has taken to Twitter to racially flay outgoing U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., as an embarrassment to blacks.

André Leon Talley, who is black, is the former American editor-at-large for Vogue, and is presently a contributing editor.

“Allen West, you the dumbest man walking around America today. You ugly inside, your soul is tarnished. You are an embarassment to Blacks,” Talley tweeted.

The Twitchy website took note of some of the mistakes, noting, “Actually he called West an ’embarassment to Blacks.’ That’s right, he spelled ’embarrassment’ wrong while calling someone else dumb.”

But Talley continued with another anti-West tweet, saying: “Coon Minstrely Theatre! If your mother is with you, she must be ashamed of you. You barks were / are sad Allen West!”

Talley has 128,000 followers on Twitter, and he was commenting about West, a decorated Army veteran, who decided Tuesday to concede his hotly contested House race to Democrat Patrick Murphy.

Twitchy characterized Talley as “repulsive,” noting: “Time and again, this is how conservative minorities are treated when they stray from the Left’s ideological plantation. March in lockstep with the liberals or else!

“If West parroted the Left’s talking points and promoted crushing liberal policies that cripple all Americans, Talley would celebrate him as an American hero. Instead, he brands West as a race-traitor and insists race and politics should dictate politics. Typical and despicable.”

Online reaction is plentiful.

Elle Sunderland said, “He’s an editor for something? Oh my. I guess anyone can be an editor these days, even someone who cannot speak (or type/write) English properly. Also, he’s bashing a decorated veteran? Since when did Talley ever serve?”

Ted Mac wrote: “Who’s surprised by that comment? This is where we are. It’s like late ’30s Germany and the Lib Nazis are attacking and boycotting the enemy just like the Nazis did. Nazis picked out an enemy to demonize so as to gain power and so has the Dem party. Anyone who disagrees with them.”

And Maria Seeger said: “It’s pure fear that makes them act that way. Mark my words, the Democrats won with a ‘person of color,’ but who do they have to run in 2016? Either another white guy or Billary Clinton. Now, if the Republicans run Marco Rubio, who not only speaks fluent Spanish, but is popular with the Latino voters in Florida, you can only imagine that the Democrats are going to do their best to demonize him because they know they can’t use the race card on him; not without exposing themselves as the party of the intolerant that they ‘claim’ the Republicans to be. I suspect Senator West is pretty much used to being hated on by members of his own race.”

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