Please explain to me why something is not being done about the widespread voter fraud in the presidential 2012 election? Just writing articles is not cutting it!

It was reported in so many key states – all kinds of voter fraud, e.g., when the machines changed Romney votes to Obama votes via a computer program. Why was something not done to counteract this? Also what about the military vote?

I believe strongly that Romney won and that fraud was reported and dismissed. Why? This is a democracy, and our vote is supposed to count. Some polling places reported the fraud, and nothing happened; these incidents were not investigated.

When I grew up the press had power – and if the truth was known, then and only then justice was served. The people, especially in the swing states, stated and reported the fraud, and nothing was done! Where is the justice in America anymore?

Obama is traveling (what a surprise), and Israel is almost at all-out war. This is so embarrassing to the American people. We need a leader. The world is laughing at us, but I and many other Americans are NOT laughing!

Barbara Filardo

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