By Carl Gallups

Among the ranks of conservatives, evangelicals and constitutional republic-loving Americans the question reverberates across the nation in resounding refrain: What happened on Nov. 6?

The answer is multi-faceted – but still relatively simple. We are witnessing a major worldview shift within our culture and national identity. In the second chapter of my book, “The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith,” I outline the monumental importance of worldview scenarios. A person or a culture’s worldview (the filter through which one views life and world events, philosophies and decision making) always sets the course for that person or society’s life.

The day after the election, a neighbor, Frank, who lives about 10 houses down from mine, came bursting into my yard in a frenzy. “What is happening, pastor Carl?” he asked. “What’s going on with our nation? I can’t believe that the majority of Americans wanted four more years of this mess!” More on my neighbor and my response to him in a moment.

What is the mess to which my neighbor was referring? Well, for starters, it seems that America just knowingly and purposely voted back in an administration:

  • whose party booed God at the DNC convention (unprecedented in U.S. history);
  • whose party booed Israel at the DNC convention (unprecedented in U.S. history);
  • whose vice president openly supports homosexual marriage (unprecedented in U.S. history);
  • whose president openly supports homosexual marriage (unprecedented in U.S. history);
  • whose Department of Defense supports homosexual celebration in the U.S. military (unprecedented in U.S. history);
  • that openly supports partial-birth abortion;
  • that has given us record unemployment levels since the Great Depression;
  • that has given us record gasoline prices;
  • that has fostered racial and social division in the nation;
  • that has given us a record national debt with no end in site;
  • that will now appoint Supreme Court justices to further its agenda for generations;
  • that will now appoint other federal court justices and new Cabinet members;
  • that may continue the “Holder-type” Justice Department policies;
  • that may take more “apology tours” around the world in the next four years;
  • that, without apologies, employs people in the administration with deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood;
  • that continually and openly disrespects Israel and her leaders;
  • and whose president still has not presented any valid identifying documents to prove that he is even constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president.

It appears that America went to the polls on Nov. 6 and said, “We want more of all of the above!”

Again, this is just for starters. These are the things that my neighbor rattled off in horror. As I see it, there are three very distinct possibilities about what happened in America on Nov. 6. What happened is one of the following or a combination, perhaps, of all three:

1) America finally crossed over the line of “cultural shift.” For decades there has been a concerted effort to “dumb down” the populace, hook massive numbers of citizens on government assistance programs and divide us along racial and social lines. It appears that the effort of the liberal, socialist agenda may have finally fallen into place.

2) Some are suspecting elements of massive voter fraud. That may or may not be so. Investigative stories continue to reveal anecdotal instances of possible fraud. For example, it is interesting to note that every single state that instituted photo I.D. voter verification laws – went to Romney. Every one of them. Obama won the majority of states that did not require voter I.D. with a photo. Coincidence?

3) Many Bible students see the possible fulfilling of scripture and prophecy. Some are proclaiming that we are sliding closer and faster to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ as promised in the Word of God. I believe that this certainly is a factor – one that cannot be denied by the serious student of the Bible.

I might add that we now know that millions of “conservatives and Christians” stayed home on Nov. 6 for various reasons. These millions who did not vote would have been more than enough to remove Obama from office and perhaps give America a chance to “breathe.” But, alas, millions simply did not vote.

Now – back to my neighbor. After analyzing all of this with him at length, I said to him, “Look, Frank, here’s the thing. The sun came up today. It will come up tomorrow. We woke up in America and not North Korea today. We can still vote, speak out, engage the system and elect representatives. We have another election in two years. But more importantly, Frank, God is still on his throne. He has never wrung his hands in despair. He was never been without knowledge of all of this – even before it happened. His love, his grace, his mercy and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are still available to all and to you.”

Frank smiled. He said, “Thanks, pastor Carl. I get it now.” I took his hand and prayed. He left my yard a new, refreshed and emboldened man. And that’s it, folks. The Kingdom of God is still the Kingdom of God. There will be a tomorrow. What you do with it is the million-dollar question. It seems that what happened on Nov. 6 will now give the Christian community a chance to minister the truth of the Gospel message as never before. Some people will actually come to you!

Carl Gallups is a senior pastor, best-selling author and a 10-year conservative talk radio host. You can find out more about him, his videos, his radio program and his book at

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