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What's really broken …

Our immigration system is invariably referred to as “broken.” It’s not.

It’s just now enforced by agents afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings for fear of reprisal by some minion of the Obama administration. The last president who actually wanted to enforce immigration laws was Eisenhower. Eisenhower, incidentally, was the last president who was a great patriot and proven leader. Presidents since, with the partial exception of Reagan, have been merely politicians adept at making promises they rarely keep.

Now with millions of native-born Americans desperate for work, the D.C. powers that be think the answer to our problems is more immigrants. Lots and lots more immigrants. Those so-called great deliberators in D.C. are so predictable, it’s laughable. After committees, attempts at so-called bipartisanship and all the rest of that noise on Capitol Hill, the answer is always the same: Raise more taxes, and import more people of various ethnicities into an already overcrowded America.

I’ll tell you what’s really broken: the ability of so many of the American people to spot a phony when they see one. And that’s been painfully evident quite lately.

Laurence L.