(London Daily Mail) With December 21 – or ‘the end of the world’ as it is being referred to in some camps – fast approaching, Doomsday ‘preppers’ are putting the final touches to bunkers where they will ride out the Apocalypse.

The Mayan calendar has predicted that in just 38 days the world will end – but fear not, if you have so far been unprepared.

WND.com has enjoined with the Hardened Structures team to provide state-of-the-art survival shelter design and build services at WND subscriber exclusive rates. Hardened Structures, with over 21 years experience in military, commercial and private shelter design/build services, are also offering WND subscribers a free consulation, normally a $500 value.

Bunkers have already been built around the world to withstand impending doom and despite some rather shabby and gloomy interiors, they may soon be in high demand if predictions ring true.

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