Last week, most of us were struck by Obama’s sudden support for Israel’s right to defend herself from a relentless barrage of rockets from barbarians, targeting schools, hospitals, homes and other civilian centers. It was completely out of character and utterly inconsistent with his foreign policy to date. We waited for the other shoe to drop. It didn’t take long – less than 24 hours, if that.

The day that the jihadist savages bombed a bus in Tel Aviv, Obama urgently dispatched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Israel to announce a hudna, a temporary truce between the Palestinian jihadists and Israel. A hudna with savages? After the ceasefire was announced, jihadists fired a wave of rockets into Israel from Gaza. It was evocative of the last days of World War II, when the Nazis couldn’t kill the Jews fast enough. Even though it was over and the Germans knew it was over, they furiously ramped up an already furious kill rate – proving it was all about genocide all along. Worst of all are the considerations that likely moved Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to such an extraordinary capitulation.

The Israelis are painfully aware of the importance of appearances, symbolism in the Muslim world, and having the world’s superpower’s support of their defensive action was critical. Essential especially since Obama’s Islamophilic foreign policy over the past four years had sent an entirely different message to the world. Israel was increasingly alone.

This imposed truce amounts to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Also, it cannot be understated that every one of the thousands of rockets fired upon the tiny Jewish state teaches these savages something new. During the war on Israel in the summer of 2006, the rockets were hitting southern Israel. Now they reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, with more lethal payloads. What will the next war bring? Israel is inching toward annihilation.

The truce was imposed despite the fact that a poll has shown that 70 percent of Israelis oppose a cease-fire with Hamas. 64 percent think that it won’t last long anyway, with 24 percent holding the quite sensible belief that it won’t last at all. One Israeli official summed it up: “To stop now is a clear invitation for another round of fighting.” The hudna was a win-win for Hamas. Israel pleaded at the UN Security Council for action against the thousands of Hamas rockets into Israel, but they did nothing until Israel took defensive action. Obama virtually ignored Israel for the past four years, going there only once in 2008, to campaign for the Jewish vote and the Jewish dollar. But as soon as Israel defends herself, Obama dispatches Hillary from Asia to put an end to that, and to prop up Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi as the great “peacemaker,” as opposed to the absolute dictator that he just declared himself to be.

The hudna calls on Israel to stop all attacks on Gaza, including targeting of individuals (mass murderers and such). It also requires “all Palestinian factions” to stop all hostilities against Israel from Gaza, including rocket fire and attacks along the border. But it won’t stop “splinter” groups that merely rename themselves overnight to continue the campaign of Islamic terror. And Hamas has already declared that it won’t stop gathering weapons, while Israel is going to relax border restrictions with Gaza, which means that weapons smuggling will step up in intensity.

Obama praised Netanyahu for accepting the ceasefire proposal that had been advanced by Morsi, thereby adding to Morsi’s stature even as he assumed dictatorial powers in Egypt. It was no accident that after Obama propped him up as his partner in negotiating the Hamas hudna, Morsi issued a decree banning challenges to his rulings.

Meanwhile, Morsi’s cease-fire proposal doesn’t include any penalty for Hamas if they fire a new round of rockets at Israeli civilians. And even worse, Morsi has declared that Egypt’s treaty with Gaza requires it to regard an attack on Gaza as a declaration of war on Egypt.

Make no mistake, genocide of the Jews is the objective and has always been the objective of the jihad against the Jews. The Muslim world was aligned with the Nazis, and this same ideology holds true today. It’s all about the genocide. Hamas tweeted: “Oh, Zionists, #Netanyahu‘s government dragging you for hell, you have the choice whether to stay in hell or escape, go back home in Germany.” And: “We told you #IDF that our blessed hands will reach your leaders and soldiers wherever they are, ‘You opened the Gates of Hell on Yourselves.'” The cease-fire is a mistake. No quarter should be given to these savages.

Yet quarter was given. Israeli society, for all its technological innovation and democratic openness, is deeply flawed, full of denial about the reality of the jihad doctrine. What good is having military superiority if you refuse to use it to crush your mortal enemy? Israel is not allowed to use her strength. Instead of taking proper measures, i.e. pursuing jihadists, after seriously damaging Hamas’ operations in Gaza, Israel stopped well short of a decisive victory. This only heartens the jihadis, as they showed in Gaza by declaring Nov. 22 “a holiday of victory” and passing out sweets. They will be newly emboldened for the next round of jihad. And the Iranians are getting ever closer to launching nuclear jihad against Israel.

Netanyahu is going into an election cycle in Israel. He didn’t want to have to stand for re-election being the man who oversaw the destruction of Israel’s relationship with the United States. And so he had to accept Obama’s demands. This is a shameful pretense.

Clearly, Netanyahu came under enormous pressure from Obama and Clinton, but so what? The Obama administration has supported the most vicious enemies of Israel (the Muslim Brotherhood). Bibi is responsible for the security of his nation. Period. This hudna gives the jihadists time to regroup, rearm and rebuild. Any nation involved in a war should finish it. It must win or be defeated.

Israel gave away Gaza for peace and got jihad in return. The delusion is over. The Israelis can no longer avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

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