Really now are you serious? God is not sending some spiritual dust or judgment down on America for her sins. [“America pronounces judgment on itself”]

The problems occur because the judgment is built into the system not because the hand of God is doing it. If you violate physical laws, what happens? You are harmed because that is the nature of the physical laws.

If you violate spiritual laws, you are harmed in the same way. You do it to your self.

But where misguided people like you have fallen is thinking that electing someone who is further to the left on abortion, gay rights and socialized medicine would have been a victory.

You claim to be Christian, yet you are wiling to set aside every biblical principle of morality for a political victory because of your “anybody but Obama” mentality. And you foolishly believe that this will advance conservatism.

It is sad to see WND fall into the secular humanist trap, but you are in it.

Tom Carey

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