It obvious Obama supporters don’t know what now awaits them. So I’ll tell them. The young Obamaites will find fewer jobs because employers will move operations overseas to avoid Obama’s overregulation. Plus, the ones that do hire will hire the millions of immigrants Obama admits because they will work for less.

If you need a doctor, good luck. Get in line to see one the government selects for you. There is already a doctor shortage. Obamacare will make this shortfall much, much more acute. Why would any young person study medicine knowing a bureaucrat will second guess every decision he makes and cap his income?

And to everyone in Obama’s America the quality of your life in every respect will worsen. Increased demand triggered by overpopulation translates into scarcity and extremely high prices for what little is available. And all that is just for starters.

All those Obama fans may like him, but I don’t think they’ll like the nightmare world his policies will create. And don’t kid yourself. It’s coming. It’s coming because you asked for it.

Larry L.

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