Sir, I saw your article about the Day of Infamy, and to be honest I am pretty sure the Republican Party is no longer worth salvaging [“Dec. 16: A date that should live in infamy”]. I think any further effort spent on it is like beating a dead horse.

They haven’t the spine of a jellyfish, and the only one who could communicate (Reagan) is dead. I will look to the Constitution, Southern and Libertarian Party, or hopefully a combination thereof. I think we should have pledge drives now for membership, ballot presence and to create war chests in preparation for the 2014 elections (if they’re still having elections then) to pick our platform, officers and candidates.

I also want to look more closely at secession. It seems now we can’t even have discussion in this nation without name calling and threats. Now is the time to consider and possibly leave. It will only get worse later on if our own history is any guide. Look at it not as a secession of individual states, but of a group of states leaving to immediately form a new more constitutional nation.

You have contacts within the Constitution Party. Linked with the tea-party movement, it could overnight become bigger than the Libertarian and Green parties combined. I think it could pull away the remaining thread of conservative Democrats as well. But we need someone to articulate the platform and state the reasons for our actions, or we’ll be as dead and headless as the Republican Party.

Fred Ray

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