George Noory

“Coast to Coast AM,” the nationally-syndicated radio program with host George Noory, has already built a wide audience exploring all things curious and unexplained in fields few hosts dare to tread.

Now Noory is announcing his provocative brand of talk is going video via your Internet or smart phone connection with an online TV show called “Beyond Belief with George Noory,” which premieres Dec. 14, with new episodes each Friday night at 7 p.m. ET.

“We’re one of largest syndicated radio programs in the country, with a program that deals with conspiracies, mysteries of the universe, the paranormal and UFOs, science, alternative medicine and more,” Noory told WND. “I have always wanted to make that program into a TV show and make it so a live audience can interview guests with me.”

For the price of $9.95 a month – with a free 10-day trial – subscribers to Noory’s show and its archives will also be given access to the over 5,000 films, documentaries and original programs from “Beyond Belief” host network Gaiam TV.

“We are thrilled to add ‘Beyond Belief with George Noory’ to our growing roster of original programming,” commented Gaiam TV Digital Strategy Officer Patricia Karpas. “With the popularity of streaming video and the growing demand for paranormal and metaphysical programming, this program will engage our subscriber base eager to explore the alternative and controversial topics that Noory bravely investigates in his compelling interviews.”

Noory told WND some of the program’s first guests include the following:

  • John Hogue, an expert on Nostradamus prophecy, also talking about the Mayan calendar and “doomsday,” Dec. 21, 2012
  • Hypnotherapist Bruce Goldberg discussing reincarnation
  • Radio host and consumer advocate Katherine Albrecht talking about privacy issues.

“Viewers will come across more information to make their life better in very changing times,” Noory told WND. “It’s so critical for people frustrated with the economy, with changing tides in government, who aren’t able to hear their voices, questions or their ills being talked about to have a place for discussing what others won’t.

“‘Beyond Belief with George Noory’ will be an hour-long show” Noory continued, “that cuts to the heart of what’s going on with people today, topics wide-ranging and generally nonpolitical, but even more edgy.”

The curious can explore or subscribe to “Beyond Belief with George Noory” at

Those interested in joining the studio audience in Denver can email [email protected].

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