One month has passed since the election, and I continue to read and receive theories and complaints pursuant to why people voted for Obama.

The most common opinion is that people voted for him because they wanted something for nothing. With that opinion firmly entrenched in the minds of many, the publicly unspoken sensus plenior of that reasoning is that it refers, by and large, to blacks.

But that, in large part, is fallacious because it stems from a flawed supposition based on ignoring the obvious. There is no way for me to quantify what I’m about to say – because there is no way most black people would respond honestly in an empirical study.

The major and most prevailing reason the great number of blacks voted for Obama was based solely upon the color of his skin. They voted for him because he is black. Color of skin trumps all other issues.

If the person is, as Jesse Jackson and others frequently say, “really black,” the mindset of that person’s politics is a given. But that is secondary to the color of the person’s skin. Sure there will be those who will disagree with me. But they are either ignorant or in denial or both.

Color of skin is the talisman from which a mindset unfolds in the black psyche. The bona fides of same are then evidenced by speech, demands and victimology. And while it has become popular for blacks to deny being motivated based solely on color, they darn well know they’re being disingenuous, i.e., lying through their teeth.

You put a white boxer and a black boxer in the ring together, and 95 percent of blacks will root for the black boxer based purely on the color of his skin. And that would be the case even if the boxer were a complete unknown.

Who honestly thinks the black performers, athletes and actors have a clue about financial and/or foreign policy? Does anyone really believe people who had to graduate college to learn how to write a check understand the first thing about austerity and economics? Not a chance. The only thing they understand is that he is black. I had a young black professional woman tell me, “We have to support Obama because he is black.”

We overlook the greater problem by arguing that blacks voted for Obama because they thought they were going to get something for nothing. And I say that fully cognizant of the fact that black groups in Detroit are telling Obama that they are responsible for him being re-elected, ergo, he owes them. That, in my opinion, is quid pro quo and not to be confused with my original point.

This validates my position on race. As I told a class at the Bob Dole Political Institute at Kansas University: “We will not move beyond race until we move beyond race.” The problem is also, as I’ve said many times, that blacks do not want to move beyond race.

They may not like my saying it, but their actions and words prove me right. They do not like my saying that they cleave to victimology like a baby does its mother’s breast, but at the very first hint of insult, real or perceived, their plaintive cry is, “It’s because I’m black.”

It’s tiresome making this point again and again, but it must be made until people begin to grasp it and modify their behavior in ways that oppose the retreat from modernity.

Saying that Obama won because he promised to give them something is a silly and thoughtless waste of energy. Those advancing said nonsense at the same time they are asking how to get blacks to understand that Republicans are better for them present a conflicted argument that’s tantamount to a trapezist on a badly frayed wire.

All politicians promise to appease their support groups with giveaways. Has everyone forgotten Bush’s State Of The Union messages? Have they forgotten Bush’s “compassionate conservatism,” which included an amnesty giveaway to illegal aliens? Romney was pro giveaway to college students.

It is paramount that conservatives understand that if the truth upsets people, consider what fallacious condemnation does.

Race-mongering exists because there is a zeitgeist that gives credibility to it. The message must be that we are Americans, not hyphenations, and that the colors of America are red, white and blue, not black.

That is our battleground, because every time we capitulate, concede and/or embrace a position based on color of skin the message that is sent forth is that blacks are different because of their skin color. That is the message that provides fertile ground for nefarious race-hustlers to plant and harvest seeds of evil malcontent.

And as long as that argument takes precedent, race will be the great divider and albatross around the neck of America.

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