John Lennon got nostalgic about Christmas in one of his last songs released before his murder 32 years ago.

Now it seems MSDNC’s Rachel Maddow and the Washington Post are turning into old holiday softies, too – actually both “promoting” the WND Superstore as a Christmas shopping destination.

On a slow news day this week, Post columnist Al Kamen wrote a piece headlined: “Stumped for holiday gifts? Look no further.”

“Looking for a truly special gift for that someone who has everything?” he asked. “Then look no further than WorldNetDaily’s WND Superstore. (Apparently the investigative team at the Post hasn’t figured out WorldNetDaily long ago changed its name to WND. But I’ll overlook that in the spirit of the season.)

The glowing, tongue-in-cheek review continues: “The conservative media outfit’s gifts are unique and, even better, lots of stuff is on steep discount – not just after Christmas, but right now!

“Where else can you find business leader and former presidential candidate Herman Cain’s excellent book ‘This is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House,’ originally $25 but now only 99 cents? (Amazon, by the way, charges more than $2 for a used copy.)” What he failed to mention is that Cain’s book is just one of dozens offered at the 99 cent price, so I will mention it here.

“Many other fine books are 30 to 50 percent off. But author Jerome Corsi’s ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?,’ originally $25.96, is now available for the incredible low price of $9.99!” he continues gleefully.

“There’s a wide variety of birther-themed bumper stickers, also steeply discounted. You might give these to folks to spark discussion of a brave woman’s amazing journey halfway across the globe just so her child can be born in Kenya rather than in the United States – a journey likely unprecedented in the history of the world.” Of course, Corsi makes no such claim in the book. But, again, in the Christmas spirit, I’m willing to overlook a few lies and gross misrepresentations. He also neglected to mention all the holiday-themed bumper stickers. Maybe it was just an oversight.

“There doesn’t seem to be much on the site for kids – no toy black helicopters and such – but there is an excellent board game for teens and adults called The Constitution Quest. (It sells for a rather pricey $47.95 but it looks like fun.)” Again, he overlooked an entire collection of books for kids, but …

Kamen isn’t done yet: “The WND store might appear to lean heavily right and anti-Obama, but it turns out to be a bit more eclectic. For example, one highly recommended book is ‘Boss Rove,’ a rather negative view of top Bush II adviser Karl Rove. (Seems everyone’s ganging up on Rove these days.)” Actually, there is far more to it than that, Al. The WND Superstore, despite the caricatures, actually offers many books and products of all kinds because we believe our customers need all the facts – something folks at the Washington Post probably have difficulty comprehending.

He rightly concludes: “So there is truly something for everyone at the WND Superstore!”

Thanks, Al. And Merry Christmas to you!

And what about Rachel Maddow?

Well, I also want to extend some holiday cheer to her and her friends at MSDNC, too.

After ripping Rick Santorum for joining WND as a weekly columnist, she decided to go the WND Superstore and promote some of our more obscure – but, nonetheless, useful and eclectic – products. She was particularly fascinated with a video teaching cane-fighting – one of thousands of products offered by one of the biggest online stores in the world.

She also suggested that WND represents half of the U.S. population – an assessment that even I found generous. Apparently, she, too, has not noticed that WND provides the broadest ideological spectrum of commentators to be found anywhere – on the Web, on TV, on radio or in newspapers. She also may not have noticed that WND has launched into national syndication more columnists than any other news service. They include, but are not limited to, Chuck Norris, David Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Lord Christopher Monckton and me.

I expect Rick Santorum will soon follow.

As far as I know, Rachel Maddow does not have a syndicated column. Perhaps she’s feeling bad about that. So here’s an invitation to her to join the WND commentary lineup. Who says we don’t have a sense of humor here?

After all, it’s clear Rachel needs to do something to bolster her popularity. As WND reported, earlier this year none of the highly intelligent contestants on “Jeopardy!” could name Maddow, despite being shown a photo of her. Join us, Rachel, and such an embarrassing incident will never happen again!

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