Some are orchestrated because he is not a drinking, drug using womanizer. Instead he offers what they are scripted to oppose: Religion!

Mr. Tebow is a real model for our youth. He is very religious in his beliefs as represented by his famed praying posture on the sidelines. He has never been the subject of a scandal.

The Broncos traded Tebow against the fans’ wishes and the Jets grabbed him for his popularity, endeavoring to boost their fan base. Instead they ignored his ability for some undisclosed reasons, perhaps secular in nature. You see, communism/socialism is vehemently opposed to God in any form.

Our youth are crying out for a hero, and Tebow filled that search. The left recognized that threat to their conquest of this country. Let Tim Tebow go to Jacksonville and just sit back and watch Jacksonville rise up in their fan base. Tebow can do it!

Rick Magee

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