(Campaign for America’s Future) — For decades, the conservative agenda rested upon a three-legged stool of “culture war” issues: “God, guns, and gays.” I’ve covered in previous posts how the outcome of the 2012 election pretty knocked out two legs of that ideological three legged stool. GOP messaging on ”God” and “gays” fell flat this year. Now, as the nation reels from the slaughter of innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, there are signs that the third leg of conservative ideology — “guns” — is wobblier than ever.

I walked my son to school yesterday. There was a police car parked right in front of the school. Before we left home, we received a recorded phone call from the principal, telling parents that there are “no known threats” to schools in our county, but that police officers had been assigned to every school in the county “to show support and safety” to children, parents, and staff. We were also assured that the staff and students practice shelter and “lockdown” drills — and, in fact, had one such drill the day before the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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