What if you could be your own banker?

That’s the subject today for economist, columnist, radio host and international conference speaker Jerry Robinson’s podcast on “Follow the Money Weekly.”

He talks with Nelson Nash, author of the book by the same same, and they focus on being your very own banker and never having to pay interest.

Nash is the discoverer and developer of “The Infinite Banking Concept,” which is a training program for financial services industry professionals.

Also on this week’s podcast, Robinson talks about the “end of the world” according to the Mayan calendar, which was supposed to have happened before Christmas. He also discusses the skyrocketing gun sales and how America is edging ever more closely to the fiscal cliff.

In segment one, Jerry Robinson, and his co-host, Jennifer Robinson, discuss the surge in gun sales across America as many people fear new federal restrictions on guns may be on the horizon. Jerry shares two gun stocks that he likes in this current environment. Plus, there’s an update on the latest GDP and U.S. housing numbers.

Then Tom Cloud joins the program for the weeks’ precious metals market update, where he talks about the week’s action in gold and silver.

Later in the program, Robinson discusses The Trigger Trade Report, which already has produced fantastic returns even though it’s still in “beta” mode.

Later in the program, Certified Financial Planner Jay Peroni joins to share his latest investing idea. This week, Peroni identifies an interesting real estate plan in the cell phone business that he expects to soar in the coming months.

And in the Retirement Minute, John Bearss answers the question: How much money should I save for my emergency fund?

Podcast is 1:05:02.

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Jerry Robinson is an economist, published author, columnist, radio talk show host, and international conference speaker. Robinson has been quoted as an economic authority by USA Today, FoxNews and many other news agencies. His columns have appeared regularly in numerous print and web publications, including WND. In addition, Robinson is also the editor-in-chief of the popular economic newsletter, “Follow the Money Quarterly.”

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