It’s not possible for Republicans to dump Barack Obama in the next four years.

They have blown their opportunity to do that.

But the next best thing they can do right now is to dump John Boehner as speaker of the House.

Though Boehner has been portrayed in the media as some kind of hardliner who is intransigent and unwilling to compromise, the truth is that he is the opposite. He is an appeaser. He is an enabler. He is an accommodationist.

Boehner began waving the white flag of surrender to Obama soon after Republicans made him speaker in 2011. Since all spending bills need to originate in the House and because the Republican majority in the House has had absolute power to freeze spending, Boehner was dealt a powerful hand to keep Obama in check. Instead, he folded. Not only did he fold repeatedly, he even signaled before negotiations about spending ever began that he intended to fold.

He has repeatedly dismissed the idea that freezing the debt limit was a political option. That’s like unilaterally disarming before one’s enemies.

But it gets worse.

So determined is Boehner to raise taxes as part of a deal to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff,” he recently purged from chairmanships every conservative Republican who took a harder line than he did over the last two years.

Boehner is not part of the solution. He’s part of the problem – a big part of it.

With people like John Boehner running the House and Mitch McConnell running the Republican minority in the Senate, we really don’t have a two-party system at work. The checks and balances have been thrown out the window. It’s no wonder that a good, honest conservative rebel like Sen. Jim DeMint has decided he’ll be more effective outside the system running the Heritage Foundation.

But it’s Boehner who is in a critical position if Republicans have any hope of stopping Obama’s radical agenda for the next four years. Boehner has conceded “Obamacare” is the law of the land and a fait accompli. Boehner has conceded that Washington must continue on its irresponsible and immoral borrow-and-spend binge. Boehner only has fight in him when it comes to fighting conservatives in his own caucus – not Democrats and not Obama. He’s great at twisting the arms of Republican conservatives. When it comes time to a showdown with Obama, he’s milquetoast.

Is it possible House Republicans have had enough of Boehner?

If they don’t see the handwriting on the wall now, they never will.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to encourage the House Republican membership to take a hard-line stand against business as usual in Washington.

It’s easy to do that through the “No More Red Ink” campaign.

It’s not enough just to say no to the biggest tax increase in history set to hit in January. Republicans need to say no to more borrowing. When even a RINO like Sen. Lindsay Graham comes to this conclusion, as he did last week, it’s time for the House conservatives, who have the power to do it, to use the clout they have been given by voters.

But it won’t happen if House Republicans return Boehner to the speakership.

It’s time for a palace coup.

John Boehner has been a total failure as speaker of the House.

He has betrayed every Republican principle – from opposition to tax increases to opposition to borrowing to opposition to government unlimited in its power and authority.

More and more House Republicans are beginning to see what I have been telling you about for two years. This may be the only opportunity we have to stop Obama, stop Obamacare, stop borrowing and begin returning Washington to something resembling constitutionally limited government over the next four years.

It all starts with dumping Boehner.


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