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Boy, 14, jumps into 'frightening' mall brawl

(KENT ONLINE) — This is the moment a brave schoolboy stepped in during a “frightening” fracas at a shopping centre that saw a police officer and security staff injured.

Jack Slater, 14, has been praised for jumping into the melee at The Mall Chequers in Maidstone to protect a member of security as horrified shoppers looked on.

Jack Slater has been hailed a hero for intervening in a brawl at a Maidstone shopping centreTrouble flared just before the town’s Christmas lights switch-on last Thursday.

Jack, an Oakwood Park Grammar pupil and pictured left, said: “The security guards were getting flung around a bit and one of them looked like he was getting overcome. I ran over and grabbed the shoulders of the person he was struggling with and pulled him away.”