Gov. Andrew Cuomo is just as firearms-ignorant as the previous Gov. Cuomo. Their hatred of gun ownership guaranteed by the Second Amendment is obvious. It also clouds their ability to listen to common-sense solutions.

The Founding Fathers would not have ratified the Constitution without the Bill of Rights!

Banning clips in excess of seven rounds is ludicrous – do the math … 7×3=21. It’s plain stupidity to think this will help.

His proposal to stiffen penalties for a gun on school property is dumb – most school shooters do not come out alive!

A school in Texas has had armed faculty since October 2007. No coward is going into a zone where there are armed people. Gun-free zones are their killing fields. Just think how quickly the Newtown massacre would have ended had the principal been trained and armed.

Cowards will not challenge an armed citizen; that is WHY they pick on gun-free zones.

David Martini Sr.

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