Jerry Newcombe

Jerry Newcombe, D.Min. – a television and radio host, producer and author – joins WND’s lineup of exclusive weekly columnists today. His opinions will be featured each Wednesday on WND’s Commentary page.

Newcombe is the host and spokesperson for “Truth that Transforms with Dr. D. James Kennedy” (formerly “The Coral Ridge Hour”), the television outreach of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, the senior pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church for 48 years, until his death in 2007.

Holding a Doctorate of Ministry from Knox Theological Seminary, Newcombe also received degrees from Tulane University and Wheaton Graduate School. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the importance of America’s Christian heritage and how pastors and laypeople can pass on that heritage. A variation of that thesis became one of his most recent books, “The Book That Made America.”

Newcombe coauthored the best-selling book George Washington’s Sacred Fire” with Dr. Peter Lillback. The book is the definitive volume on Washington’s faith, proving that our first president was a Christian (and not a soft Deist).

For years, Newcombe served as senior producer for “The Coral Ridge Hour” and has produced or co-produced more than 50 one-hour television specials with Dr. Kennedy as the host. These programs have aired nationwide and have dealt with such subjects as church and state, creation/evolution, indecency on the airwaves, gambling, the ACLU, Judge Roy Moore and so on. Perhaps the most widely seen specials Newcombe produced was the Christmas 2000 program, “Who is this Jesus?” and the Easter 2001 special, “Who is this Jesus: Is He Risen?”

Newcombe is the author or co-author of 23 books in all, some of which have now been translated into several different volumes in foreign languages. Jerry’s most recent solo book is “Answers from the Founding Fathers” (2011).

With his wife, Kirsti, Newcombe wrote “I’ll Do It Tomorrow,” looking at how to overcome procrastination, and “A Way of Escape,” which deals with temptation in the light of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Taking on a highly controversial subject, Newcombe wrote “Coming Again,” which compares the different perspectives on the return of Christ (without taking sides).

Newcombe has appeared on numerous talk shows, including “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher,” “Janet Parshall’s America,” “Point of View,” the Moody radio network, TBN nationally and locally, Fox News Channel, Fox Business and C-SPAN2’s “Book Notes.”

Besides his television responsibilities, Newcombe hosts a weekly radio program on Christian radio,, every Thursday afternoon from noon to 1 p.m. Eastern.

The Newcombes have two children and reside in South Florida.

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