DOHA, Qatar – The bag-tag for my flight from Doha to Bahrain might have been written by Homer Simpson. It read “DOH BAH.” It neatly summed up the 18th successive failed annual U.N. climate talks here in the Gulf – which, as usual, were hailed as a success.

However, for the first time the national negotiating delegates were directly exposed to the sheer vastness of their failure. They didn’t like it.

At the end of the closing plenary session, one of the accredited observers broke the rules and caused astonishment and dismay by addressing the delegates after everyone else had spoken.

In my quiet, polite, 40-second intervention, I made three short, simple, deadly points:

  1. There has been no global warming for 16 years.
  2. It is 50 times cheaper and more cost-effective to adapt to any adverse consequences of manmade global warming the day after tomorrow than to try, Canute-like, to spend trillions in futile attempts to stop it happening today.
  3. In the light of 1 and 2, it is high time for an independent review of the science and economics of climate change to decide whether the world’s grossly expensive climate policies are heading in the right direction.

The delegates at these conferences are not climate scientists. Unless they were WND readers, they would not know the very good news that there has been no global warming for 16 years.

So, did they recognize this welcome revelation with overjoyed applause? No, they didn’t.

They howled in fury. They screeched. They yelled. They hissed. They booed. I had derailed their gravy-train. It was tipping inexorably into the gulch. No more conferences. No more fawning, unquestioning, true-believing mainstream media. No more lavish per-diems. No more club-class flights. No more swank hotels. No more partying in the souk. All swept away.

They were shocked, shocked. The failure of the world to warm as the modelers’ Xboxes and PlayStations had predicted was not just a climate crisis: It was a debacle, a disaster, a catastrophe, a cataclysm, APOCALYPSE!

Did the chairman of the conference invite me to join him for dinner so that he could learn more about the good news that the planet doesn’t need saving after all? No, he didn’t.

Instead, he made sure that the howling, screeching, yelling, hissing and booing of the supposedly rational delegates was edited out of the tape. If you watch it on YouTube, you will hear the howling beginning just as I finish speaking. But it was a rush edit, so you can hear it suddenly cut off a fraction of a second later with the U.N. video editor’s scalpel.

The chairman also banned me from U.N. climate conferences for life for daring to speak truth to power. Free speech? Not at the U.N. Objective scientific truth? Nope. Sound economic analysis? Oh, puh-leaze.

So, ladies and gentlemen, The Race Is On. In pole position we have real-world observations. They show no global warming for 16 years. In fact, if you calculate the trend on the latest version of the temperature data-set favored by the U.N.’s climate panel, there has been no warming for all 18 years of the U.N.’s climate yadayadathons.

Against the real-world observations are the global-warming profiteers who have never cared about the science. They have led the field in previous rounds. Not any more.

The world’s leading modelers wrote a paper for the global-warming profiteers of the NOAA in 2008. It had become worried that there had been no global warming for 10 years and that the models had not predicted that. The modelers came to its aid by declaring that 10 or 11 years without warming was consistent with their predictions (though none of the models had predicted anything of the kind).

They added the following sentence:

“The simulations rule out (at the 95 percent level) zero trends for intervals of 15 yr or more, suggesting that an observed absence of warming of this duration is needed to create a discrepancy with the expected present-day warming rate.”

In plain English, by the modelers’ own criterion 18 years without global warming mean their models have failed, just as I and many others had said they would.

In the spring of 2009, I gave testimony before Congress alongside Tom Karl, the director of the NOAA. I showed that at that time there had been seven years’ global cooling. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, turned to Mr. Karl and said: “Mr. Karl, you and other officials have been coming before this committee for months. Why has none of you ever told us there has been global cooling for seven years? Or is Lord Monckton lying to us?”

Tom Karl said I had combined four global-temperature data-sets to determine the temperature trend. His people would not do it that way, he said.

Joe Barton saw straight through him. “Right,” he said, “I want both of you to write to me justifying your positions.” In my letter, I showed that not only the four data-sets combined but also each individual data-set showed seven years’ cooling. One of the data-sets was that of NOAA. Tom Karl’s own figures showed seven years’ cooling. He is no longer taken seriously on the Hill.

Doha failed. Warsaw next year will fail. There will be a “climate summit” in Paris in 2015. By then, none but the profiteers and their media stooges will believe the models whose own creators have in effect admitted their failure.

So my “life ban” will last just three years. After that, the climate conferences will cease. Or, rather, that was what would happen in a rational world. But then, in a rational world there would never have been any climate talks in the first place.

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