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'Finding God' in all the wrong places

George Harrison was known as the quiet Beatle. Quiet people are often quiet because they are deep thinkers.

Even though he professed to be an atheist back in 1966, George later wrote, “I want to find God. I’m not interested in material things, this world, fame – I’m going for the real goal.”

The quiet Beatle had tasted fame and the security that money brings, but it wasn’t the real goal in life … God. This is because thinkers understand that God is the source of all life, and if we want to find everlasting life, we have to somehow get in contact with the Creator. So George became a Hare Krishna and spent much of his life chanting the name of his deity.

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I recently spoke with a Hare Krishna who told me that I had to chant God’s name if I wanted everlasting life. I told him that as a Christian I already had everlasting life and didn’t need to “do” anything. It was a free gift from God.

To explain what I meant I told him that all the great religions outside of Christianity have one thing in common. They are “works righteousness” based. By that I meant that they all maintain that we have to “do” something to find salvation (everlasting life) – we must pray, fast, do good works, lie on beds of nails or sit on hard pews, face a certain direction or eat certain foods.

But this is the eye-opener as to why that cannot work. The Bible tells us that if we lust, we commit adultery in our hearts. If we lie or steal or blaspheme or hate someone (commit murder in the heart) we are criminals in God’s eyes, having violated His moral Law, and are on our way to His prison, a terrible place call “hell” where there will be no parole.

That means that any “good” works we offer God aren’t good works at all. They are an attempt to bribe God, and the One the Bible calls the Judge of the universe will not be bribed. The only thing that can save us from the wrath of eternal justice is His mercy.

George Harrison said, “Once I chanted the Hare Krishna mantra all the way from France to Portugal, nonstop. I drove for about 23 hours and chanted all the way.”

But to think that we can be forgiven by chanting God’s name is like a guilty and deluded criminal repeating, “Judge, judge, judge, judge,” thinking that the judge would somehow be impressed and therefore dismiss his case. No, the only way we can be saved is to have a Savior.

Two thousand years ago, the Creator came to this earth in the form of a Man, suffered for our sins on a wooden cross and then defeated death. So if a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or Jew (or “whoever”) wants everlasting life as a free gift from God, all he or she needs to do is repent and trust alone in the Savior. That’s the best news this dying world could ever hope to hear.

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