WASHINGTON – If playing Monopoly is a family tradition in your home on the holidays, here’s a new board game that can help adults and children learn about something more important than money – the Constitution.

It’s called “Constitution Quest.”

It’s all made in America, designed for two to four players or team play. It’s great for teens and adults. The directions are simple. It’s fun and engaging. It includes 223 game cards with information about the Constitution, including:

  • 3 branches of government
  • Powers granted and denied
  • Checks and balances
  • Laws from the Articles
  • The Bill of Rights and other Amendments
  • Historical facts and dates
  • Play in less than an hour
  • Learn the Constitution as you play … the more you play, the more you learn
  • Includes a complimentary copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
  • Fun and educational for the classroom environment
  • Fantastic for home schooling
  • Great for entertainment for adults and teens who want to learn the Constitution

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What else is new in the WND Superstore?

  • “Stolen Honor-Stolen Innocence” by Judith Reisman: In 1948, traumatized World War II American veterans struggled to resume a normal life. Our Greatest Generation was unaware that the evil they defeated overseas had invaded their homeland with sexual libels defiling the Judeo-Christian foundation for which so many had fought and died. The (truly) mad scientist who secretly spawned this revolution was Prof. Alfred Kinsey, pervert extraordinaire and author of the famous Kinsey Reports on human sexuality of 1948 and 1953. Crammed with shocking statistics, these purportedly “scientific” volumes seemed to prove that most Americans were committing immoral, perverted and even illegal sex acts on a regular basis. Kinsey’s influence has stolen innocence from our children. Kinsey’s reports are among the most harmful American books of the 19th and 20th centuries. Reisman has conclusively proven how Kinsey’s frauds gutted our child and family protective laws, as well as justified Planned Parenthood’s school sex education, Hugh Hefner’s pornography plague and the “gay rights” movement. The Kinsey Institute still gets millions of your tax dollars. Reisman demands a congressional investigation for Kinsey’s victims of university complicity in mass child sex abuse atrocities — employing at least one Nazi pedophile.

  • “Boss Rove” by Craig Unger: The epic 2012 presidential contest between President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney represents the stunning comeback of GOP boss Karl Rove, the brilliant political operator whose scorched-earth partisanship infamously earned him the moniker “Bush’s Brain” and provoked some observers to label him as dangerous to American democracy. How, after leaving the Bush administration in disgrace, did Rove rise again, and what does it mean that he is back in power? This timely, meticulous account by New York Times bestselling investigative reporter Craig Unger provides the surprising and disturbing answers. Since exiting the Bush administration, Rove has quietly become the greatest Republican power broker in the country. His pulpit is much vaster than his role as a commentator on Fox News and his regular columns for the Wall Street Journal suggest. His real strength is his ability to mobilize immense sums through the SuperPAC American Crossroads and similar organizations, and channel that money on behalf of Republican candidates.

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