(CANON CITY DAILY RECORD) — After a day spent hunting fruitlessly for the “law enforcement source” who leaked information to a national news organization about the Aurora theater shooting, attorneys for accused killer James Holmes said Monday afternoon they now intend to subpoena the reporter who wrote the story.

The move opens a complicated new legal front in the case even as attorneys are preparing for the case’s most important hearing to date — a preliminary hearing scheduled to begin Jan. 7 at which investigators are expected to reveal never-before-told details about the July 20 shootings that killed 12 and wounded 58 at the Century Aurora 16 theater.

Laws shield reporters from having to reveal sources; overcoming those laws to put reporters on the witness stand typically involves a courtroom battle. Prosecutor Rich Orman said he expected the extended fight over the leak to add extra delay to a case that has already stretched five months with no trial date in sight.

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