There will be triumphant speeches and accolades during Barack Obama’s inauguration,  Jan. 21 in Washington. There will be expressions of hope for the coming four years, and there undoubtedly will be political digs at the opposition Republicans. There will be food, wine, music, balls, celebrity parties and galas lasting probably until the sun rises.

There also will be a time of humbling, of seeking God’s will, of turning, you’re reading this correctly, “from their wicked ways.”

This decidedly not politically correct event is the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, which will focus on repentance and appeal to America as a nation to turn back to God.

Keynoting the event will be Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, whose book “The Harbinger” also has been made into a DVD documentary called “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”

His message to America is to heed the warnings from God, turn back to seeking His will and His face, and prosper.

He doesn’t say it, but there’s definitely an “or else,” implied, as described in his book, which recounts God’s warnings, or harbingers, to the nation of Israel before it eventually was broken up and taken into captivity by enemies.

Israel suffered, he posits, because it vowed to go it alone, without God, and come back bigger and stronger and better. Cahn’s book warns that America right now is experiencing the judgments, or warnings from God, and needs to heed them immediately.

He documents a series of parallels between the Old Testament collapse of Israel and events in the United States, including the 9/11 attacks, the construction on the Ground Zero site and the economic crisis.

The guiding spirit of the event is to be II Chronicles 7:14, which places the burden of a nation’s restoration not on its leadership, its politicians, its military, its social programs, its economy or any of the typical power sources.

It puts the responsibility in the hands of Christians: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

For information on attending, or bringing a team of pastors and friends from your church, please visit the event website for more information.

Rev. Merrie Turner, a member of the prayer breakfast committee, told WND there is evidence of tribulation in America.

She cited the after-effects of 9/11, the economic troubles, superstorm Sandy and social holocausts such as abortion.

“What I feel that God has said is that … people of faith must come up to [Washington] and worship him,” she told WND.

Other members of the committee are Father Patrick J. Conroy, chaplain of the U.S. House; Stewart Greenleaf, Pennsylvania state senator; Annette Lantos, wife of Congressman Tom Lantos; John Stinson; Abby Abildness, Revs. Mike and Rose Greer; and Les and Caroline LaMotte.

The event, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park hotel, is expected to attract thousands.

Other speakers will include U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

The event is themed “Glory for Such a Time as This.” Invited are members of Congress, the White House, other top governmental officials, and state and national leaders.

Cahn told WND that the 2012 election, which provided another four years for Obama to lead, is being perceived as a “tipping point” by many Americans.

He said religious people who opposed Obama’s candidacy, citing his advocacy for issues they believe are not supported by the Bible, wonder how to pray for Washington at a time like this and are inclined to pray less.

“We need to pray more,” Cahn said.

“There’s no question this last election was a definitive tipping point concern America’s course, it’s direction with regard to God. I believe it’s crucial that we gather in Washington for prayer,” he said.

“Not only coming before the Lord interceding for America, but also speaking for the truth,” he continued. “There’s a real definitive call for the people of God to intercede. What better time to do this [than] on the day of inauguration right there in Washington.”

He noted the very first inauguration, for President George Washington in 1789, holds a message.

Having been inaugurated at Federal Hall in New York City, he declared that America’s prosperity and protection were dependent upon its adherence to God.

Later, the nation’s political leaders gathered at St. Paul’s Chapel to commit the America’s future to God’s purposes, he wrote. That chapel, found at Ground Zero, miraculously survived 9/11 virtually untouched.

“He said in effect if America ever turns away from God, its blessings will be removed. … We are watching those words and warnings come true,” Cahn said.

He said the specific prayer for the White House might be for God to “have his will with the president and his administration.”

Cahn said God uses “all things” and can bring a revival “through a leader, or in spite of a leader.”

“He raises to power and he casts down. He allows good and evil for the purposes of good in the end,” he said.

“So he can use those who are kings doing His will, and not doing His will, to bring revival, to bring a wake-up call. He uses all things. Now all the more it’s not the time not to pray. I believe the Lord will use this, the fact that God’s people are gathering in faith.”

Turner said this is “actually time for the rededication of the soul of our nation,”

“God wants to commune with this nation,” she told WND. “This is a critical time of hearing … what the spirit of the Lord is saying.”

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