I just finished reading the December issue of Whistleblower. I commend you on the diversity of authors you compiled for this issue and for publishing the full text of Ron Paul’s speech.

However, I want to say that as well written each article is and as qualified as each author is to speak on the issue of the Republican platform and the results of the election, they all completely missed the point.

The key issue facing the Republican Party today is an arcane, corrupt and inept primary system. In both 2008 and 2012 the two candidates chosen to represent the GOP were arguably the two most progressive candidates available. Voters stayed home on Election Day because they did not care to vote for someone whose policies were 45 percent identical to the incumbent Democrat. Worse is that these candidates were selected by two or three states that do not even have strong Republican demographics.

As a Texan I resent going to a primary and having only one candidate on the ballot still contending as a nominee. As an American, I see the GOP platform as being irrelevant given the shoddy way in which the party chooses its candidates.

My solution is:

Anyone who wants to participate in a Republican primary must register with the Republican Party by Dec. 31 of the year prior to the election year, to minimize the number of Democrats that vote in Republican primaries.

All GOP nominees should be announced on Jan. 2 of the election year. They then have three months to campaign. Then, on the first Tuesday in May all 50 states vote simultaneously with every candidate on the ballot. A media blackout on exit polls should be mandated so that the East Coast doesn’t influence the West Coast.

There may need to be a runoff election if no one candidate garners the majority, but at least every Republican in America would have at least one opportunity to vote for the candidate that best represents his or her position.

Simon Jackson

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