The tragic mass shooting at the Sandy Hooks Elementary School has once again brought forth the cry for gun control. According to their beliefs, the Sandy Hooks shooting and the shootings that have occurred in schools, malls, movie theaters and other public places could have been avoided had firearms been banned.

I believe that drugs are illegal in these United States, and yet a large number of our citizens is on everything from pot to cocaine, which creates a multi-million-dollar business for drug lords and dealers. It’s growing all the time. So much for drug laws. Drugs are easily available for anyone who wants to buy and promotes a life of crime for the sellers.

If you want to create a black market that will make multi-millionaires out of illegal gun dealers, whose big market will be the criminal element in the United States, then let’s have gun control! It will be like the good old days of prohibition and Al Capone and his cohorts.

Having guns in the hands of criminals only is not the answer! It only promotes crime because they know law-abiding citizens don’t have guns to protect themselves.


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