The war has begun.

The cultural war, the roiling but barely concealed “cold” war in which you have been enmeshed for years, has exploded into a full-fledged conflict. Where once the libs, the leftists, the Democrats in the United States were content to try to marginalize you – to define you through flawed “studies” and junk “science” as stupid, as uninformed, as less compassionate, as inferior – they are no longer satisfied with this cowardly tactic. Where once the major news media at least went through the motions of concealing their advocacy for lib candidates and “progressive” policies, they now proclaim their naked, brazen favor for them. Where once there were enough Americans to counter-balance the useless eaters, the “low-information voters,” the unemployed, disengaged flotsam of humanity who vote for “free stuff” from Uncle Sugar Barack, we have now reached a tipping point.

We’re outnumbered, and they know it.

It has always been the case that the shortest interval of time yet calculated by science is the time it takes a liberal to exploit a murder. Specifically, every time a shooting takes place in this country, liberal politicians trample whomever gets in their way as they race to the nearest television camera. Their goal: to punish everyone who did not do it. Being a liberal means blaming crime on inanimate objects – guns – while remaining steadfastly convinced that further constraining and forbidding firearms to law-abiding citizens will somehow magically prevent crime.

Liberals assert this while simultaneously admitting that the laws they propose will do nothing of the kind. They are obsessed with reconfiguring the physical world such that evil people will want to do harm to others, but simply won’t be able to. This is quite impossible, but achieving the prison-camp utopia liberals envision has always been impossible – and this has never stopped them from trying. To the lib, it must be that we have not yet passed enough laws. We have not attached enough chains to our citizens. We have not taken away enough of our people’s rights. Once we have finally taken enough, controlled enough, forbidden enough, why, then this will finally be a nation of which Michelle Obama can be proud.

Emboldened by an improbable victory in November, the libs are feeling their strength. They have the courage of a newly assembled mob behind them: If a president this bad, presiding over an economy this bad, displaying so frequently an arrogance and a brittleness so bad, amidst foreign-policy disasters so bad, can achieve re-election, libs reason, then their side of the aisle must be ascendant. Feeling invulnerable, they are now snarling their true intentions at those they rule. Within hours of the mass murder of children in Connecticut, Barack Obama was faking a single theatrical tear while chiding everyone who did not commit the murder that “we” would have to “change.” He made his desire to take firearms from law-abiding Americans very clear. Yet when stunned and horrified Americans dared to say that they did not believe being disarmed would help them, they were condemned for “politicizing” a tragedy the libs were already thoroughly exploiting.

It quickly got worse. Television channels like Discovery cancelled popular television shows involving guns. Dick’s Sporting Goods and online retailer Cheaper Than Dirt announced they were “temporarily” suspending sales of certain firearms – despite the outrage among customers who realized they were being treated like criminals for something they had not done. In New York, Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, warden of a liberal gulag dominated by the cancerous sinkhole of New York City, announced that “confiscation” was an option in the even stricter gun bans he intends to ram down the throats of his benighted subjects.

The war turned “hot” when prominent Democrats started calling for the murder of NRA members. Liberals turned to social media and began demanding the death of the NRA president, while blaming the nation’s most visible gun lobby for the crimes of mentally imbalanced killers – killers who were not legally able to possess the firearms they used in their crimes. Worse, a newspaper called The Journal News published a map showing the names and addresses of all the gun owners they could identify within their downstate New York coverage area. There was only one reason to do so: to target gun owners for attack, for theft, for public scorn.

Do not kid yourself: Liberals want you to DIE if you own a gun. They want to KILL you for being a gun owner. They believe that you, who possess firearms legally and who have complied with often onerous firearms restrictions at every turn, are the problem. They dismiss the criminal actions of lunatics and recidivist criminals. They want to disarm you because, to the liberal, your freedom of action, your capacity to defend yourself, is a threat. It is a threat greater than untreated mental illness. It is a threat more immediate than a revolving-door justice system that returns murderers and rapists to the streets after ridiculously brief prison sentences. It is a threat more pressing than liberals’ constant drumbeat to ignore, to rewrite, to dismiss the Constitution.

Liberals want you to die.

They will not be happy until they have managed to murder you. Equating guns with vice, with drugs, with pornography, was the first step in creating a sociopolitical climate in which their lib-dominated newspapers could publish your home address. It was the first goal in a long-term plan to reconfigure popular culture to make you unwelcome. It was the first battle in a protracted war for the hearts and minds of our younger generations, already being brainwashed daily in government schools. Your children won’t learn to read or do math, but they will learn that guns are bad and strict construction of the Constitution is mean.

This is not a metaphor. This is not figurative language. This is not hyperbole. You are at war with liberals who want to murder you. They believe this murder is justified. They will do whatever they can to end you. You can fight or you can die.


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