I sure hope Hillary Clinton has a note from her doctor regarding her sudden health problems that will prevent her from testifying this week before House and Senate committees investigating what has become known as Benghazi-gate – a scandal involving the deaths of one of her ambassadors and three other Americans.

The growing scandal has already eliminated her most likely successor as secretary of state – Susan Rice, who found herself so antagonizing members of Congress with her own testimony that her ability to receive confirmation was in doubt, even by a Democratic Senate.

Clinton has been dodging demands to explain her role in the scandal for weeks with “vital” travel missions to Europe and the Far East.

Now that she’s home, the State Department says she will not be able to testify as planned because of a battery of health issues including a concussion she supposedly sustained in a fall related to a stomach virus and dehydration that led to a fainting spell in which she hit her head.

Congressional investigators ought to insist on a doctor’s note.

It seems Clinton is healthy enough to work from her home in Washington, but not well enough to be chauffeured over to the Capitol.

Color me suspicious.

I mean this is too much, folks.

These congressional investigations have been stonewalled by Barack Obama’s administration for long enough. This attack took place Sept. 11! It’s almost Christmas and Americans still don’t know what went down and why the administration failed so miserably in its inexcusable, inexplicable defense of the consulate.

I want you to imagine you were subpoenaed to testify before Congress about a scandal involving the deaths of four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador, who were killed by terrorists and whose bodies were mutilated and paraded through the streets of Libya. I suspect you would not simply get away with telling the committees you didn’t feel well.

Yet, the state-controlled media dutifully report Clinton’s headache excuse without even as much as a chuckle.

Congress has been trying to get answers about what happened at Benghazi since before the election. We’re now more than a month into the cover-up of the cover-up. It appears the administration is trying to run out the clock on Hillary’s term of office. Her new successor, Sen. John Kerry, has been all but named by Obama.

Let’s review what has happened so far in this tragic comedy.

In November, Rice explained why she and White House mouthpiece Jay Carney marched out and told the public repeatedly for days and weeks that they believed the well-planned and executed murders of Americans was part of a spontaneous uprising touched off by a YouTube video that parodied Muslims.

“I relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community,” she claimed. “I made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers.”

But former CIA Director David Petraeus, who resigned after Benghazi because he was caught up in an extra-marital affair discovered by the FBI, put the lie to Rice’s testimony, saying that within a day he and the intelligence community knew the attack on the consulate was a premeditated assault by a Libyan group with ties to al-Qaida.

Shawn Taylor, a spokesman for Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, told CBS News last month: “The intelligence community assessed from the very beginning that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.” He said this classified information was shared with the White House. As a member of Obama’s Cabinet, Susan Rice would have known this. All Cabinet members are given classified briefings

So why were Rice, Carney and even Obama himself still peddling the YouTube video nonsense weeks after the attack?

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that just days before the attack, Obama boasted that “al-Qaida is on the path to defeat.”

Now Obama’s been re-elected on the basis of those lies. Now key people involved directly in the fiasco are leaving office. And now Hillary has a headache.

Couldn’t she at least send a written report? Or did her dog eat it?

Meanwhile, all the media care about is why House Speaker John Boehner isn’t capitulating fast enough to Obama’s demands for higher taxes and more debt.

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