President Barack Obama is the most divisive man to ever occupy the White House –period! Yet, 95 percent of black Americans worship him as if he’s the messiah. Why?

Actor and comedian Jamie Foxx recently took the stage at the Soul Train Awards and told the audience, “Thank God, and our lord and savior, Barack Obama!” Foxx called on the audience to stand up and clap for Obama. His outrageous remarks were broadcast on national television, yet not one nationally known black leader repudiated Foxx.

Barack Obama’s ability to seduce people is well-known. He can bring his biggest critics into a room and have them coming out singing his praises. He’s a charismatic and congenital liar. In 2012, Obama was able to gather young people, cater to their egos by offering them free stuff and convince them that they were wiser than the older generation – and smarter than that old “blue-eyed Republican.”

Black America’s journey from slavery to freedom is well-documented. Yet despite their emancipation by President Lincoln more than a century earlier, blacks in the South were still subject to discrimination. During this era arose Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a leader black Americans had put all their hopes into. The subsequent assassination of Martin Luther King was traumatic for Americans, but especially for black Americans.

After King’s assassination, blacks were in a spiritual no-man’s land – and they’ve been wandering and waiting for another savior for the last 50 years. They turned to the government for assistance and received government programs and general relief (welfare). The black father was replaced by a government check – and black men made babies and started abandoning their families.

Jesse Lee Peterson’s book mercilessly exposes popular black “icons” – “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America”

They followed self-appointed black leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and the Congressional Black Caucus, but all failed them. Now most blacks think Obama is that savior who will give them jobs, pay off their mortgages and “spread the wealth” – and that’s why they give glory to their “lord and savior.”

Most black preachers and leaders secretly agree with Jamie Foxx, which is why there was no outcry from these people. Never mind that Obama stands for everything that is godless, i.e.: unfettered abortions, class warfare, amnesty for illegals, legalizing same-sex marriage, revoking DADT (weakening the U.S. Armed Forces) and lack of resolve in his support for Israel.

An example of blacks being addicted to leaders and personalities is the tragic tale of Jim Jones and his followers. Jones was the charismatic cult leader best known for the mass suicide he orchestrated in Guyana in 1978 that killed 914 of his followers (including more than 200 children). And most of Jones’ followers were black Christians! Blacks were attracted to Jones because of his charismatic preaching style and socialist philosophy. He convinced his followers that he was creating a heaven on Earth where people of all races would live together peacefully and have their needs met in his “Jonestown.” The world found out, albeit too late, that he was a lunatic!

For the past 22 years, I’ve been saying that the problem with black Americans is not white racism – but rather the lack of moral character! Until 50 years ago most black Americans were moral. They had faith in God and treated people the way they wanted to be treated. They believed in the promise of America – that if you worked hard and lived right, things would work out for the best.

In stark contrast, most blacks today are looking for Barack Obama and the federal government to take care of them. Before the civil-rights movement, nobody – not even the president – could have come in as the “lord and savior” of the black community.

Recently on my radio show, a black caller admitted that blacks believe that Obama is “God.” I also interviewed professor Barbara Thompson of Florida A&M University and author of “The Gospel According to Apostle Barack: In Search of A More Perfect Political Union As Heaven Here on Earth.” When I questioned her about her Christianity she got huffy and irritated. According to the professor, “Apostle Barack” was re-elected to help middle-class and poor Americans experience heaven on Earth! Listen to the interview here.

As a result of the man not being the spiritual head, the black community is subject to lies and false saviors. Blacks have been looking for a physical messiah and have forgotten that Christ has already come and made a way for them to be free. Now that Obama has been re-elected, this is the perfect time to re-establish moral clarity. And it is time to rebuild men and families and draw closer to God.

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