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How to stop the slaughter of the innocents

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, leave it to the state-run media and politicians who surround themselves with armed security at all times to offer up exactly the wrong prescription to stopping the slaughter of more innocents.

It was as predictable as clockwork that those who seek a state monopoly on firepower would exploit a tragedy like this to push for unconstitutional, counter-productive, anti-American solutions to a mess they helped create.

Let me give you some things to think about – things you won’t likely hear or read elsewhere.

First, consider why Israel, a nation surrounded by madmen who seek to kill innocent Jewish children any way they can, has rarely seen the kinds of mayhem America witnessed in Newtown, Conn. I can show you in one simple photograph that doesn’t require any further explanation.

It’s a fact that many mass murders like the one we witnessed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were averted because innocent children and adults were not left defenseless. Here are just a handful of examples:

The truth is that every single day mass murders are averted by armed civilian

Yet, every time there is a horrendous slaughter like we saw at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, there is a knee-jerk outcry for stricter control of guns.

Wait a minute! The perpetrator of this crime stole his weapons from his mother’s house after murdering her! He tried to buy a rifle days before, but was turned down.

No law could have stopped that short of disarming all law-abiding Americans. And that would just mean more death and carnage – and the end of liberty for all.

The massacre at Sandy Hook could have been minimized, if not averted completely, if just one teacher or administrator at the school was armed – one teacher like you see in that picture from Israel.

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