Hypocrites. By definition, this refers to the liberal progressives, the radical left wing of the Democratic Party. They have overtaken the party apparatus and institutionalized blatant hypocrisy on a grand scale. They advocate confiscating guns while packing heat for themselves. They delight in selectively exploiting the massacre of children to advance their agenda while acting blind to Obama’s drone-killings of hundreds of innocents; ignoring 500 murders per year in Democrat-controlled Chicago; ignoring racist black-on-white killings, robberies and violence; suppressing investigations into the government’s “Fast and Furious” gunrunning outrages etc. They tax working and productive Americans to death and borrow trillions to fund their wasteful self-serving programs while dining on caviar and champagne among the Hollywood elite. The left’s hypocrisy has neither end nor shame. Hypocrites all.

Gar Jones

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