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'I'll advertise wherever I d--- well please'

Leigh Brown

“I will advertise wherever I d— well please.”

When cyber bullies called for a boycott of North Carolina realtor Leigh Brown just because she advertised on a Rush Limbaugh affiliate station, the small business owner fought back – unlike many big name businesses like Arby’s and Walgreens, who have surrendered to the left wing activists.

Limbaugh is an NFL fanatic, so it was inevitable that he’d comment on the murder-suicide involving Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher. While some pundits tried to blame “gun culture,” Limbaugh wondered if permissiveness was equally to blame (FREE audio).

“Might there have been a better outcome if there had been a marriage involved between Mr. Belcher and his girlfriend?” Limbaugh asked. “I don’t know. All I know is that I look at all the statistics on single parenthood and children born out of wedlock and what happens to kids in those circumstances; what happens to the fathers in those circumstances. And it’s not good.”

Michael Savage

Michael Savage was the talk of the broadcasting industry this week when he appeared on Aaron Klein’s show and discussed the current state of conservative radio.

Savage says that his fellow broadcasters are “committing suicide” by obsessively talking about Obama’s reelection (FREE audio).

“Many people on the conservative side of the dial are making the same mistakes now that the liberals made when Bush was in power,” Savage explained. “Air America went bankrupt, why? Because all they did was Bush bashing and they were just crazy in the Bush bashing. … This is what’s going on now with the conservatives. … Remember one thing, radio is primarily an entertainment medium. It was not created to be the voice of the Republican Party or the Democrat Party.”

Dr. Savage was livid when he learned that Obama had invited three MSNBC hosts to the White House to discuss economic policy. One of those guests was Al Sharpton, who – Savage reminded listeners – is famous for stirring up racial discord, sometimes with fatal results (FREE audio).

“Al Sharpton is one of the lowest people in the United States of America in terms of his past history,” Savage reminded listeners, “a man who falsely accused a police detective of molesting and smearing feces on a teenaged girl, among other things. … Now he’s rewarded by being invited to the White House to talk about fiscal policy.”

Sean Hannity

Ann Coulter joined Hannity to discuss Howard Dean’s proposal that “America should go off the fiscal cliff.”

Coulter pointed out, “This isn’t a tax on the wealthiest. Look at John Kerry who hasn’t earned income a day in his life. No, this is a tax on those people who’re engaged in some sort of profitable enterprise” (FREE audio).

Hannity added that the fiscal cliff represents “more than just the obvious need for America to cut spending and balance a budget; it represents a crossroads for the direction of American culture and the future of the American dream.”

Aaron Klein

Besides making headlines with his interview with Michael Savage, this week Aaron Klein talked about “a secret progressive plan” that he called “class warfare like you’ve never seen it.”

He also talked about the prospect of amnesty for illegal immigrants finally being implemented next year, the United Nations’ recognition of Palestine and the new Egyptian constitution, which leaves out basic rights for minorities and women. Finally, comic relief came in the form of Klein’s regular guest, Jackie Mason (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Those who question the president’s constitutional legitimacy were intrigued by a joke Mark Levin made on the air this week (FREE audio): “Will Obama’s presidential library be in Kenya or Chicago?”

Levin also decimated a caller who suggested that “the top 2 percent” be taxed at a 50 percent tax rate, and insisted that Obamacare was “cutting costs.”

When the caller interrupted Levin, he cried out, “Shut up, I’m educating you!” (FREE audio)

Glenn Beck

This week, Beck announced what seemed at first to be an unlikely partnership: one with a Hollywood celebrity.

However, actor Vince Vaughn has a reputation as a libertarian, so his new venture with Beck and others might be less head scratching than it looks.

Beck and Vaughn are launching a reality show to find “the next great documentary filmmakers,” perhaps ones making movies about “the game that’s being played” at the Federal Reserve,” Beck mused, or “why capitalism is a good thing.”